Upon completion of the activity, participants are provided with this number. If you need more help or direction, contact us. CPD activities may be pre-approved by CSPN. Customer Service Institute of America (CSIA) is devoted to the education and growth of individuals and organizations across the globe. ", "Now, I have the knowledge to be able to manage more effectively and deliver unexpected, positive results in a variety of situations that require a higher level of specialist knowledge. Copyright © 2020 | Privacy | Inbound Marketing by ColdAd™ | CCPC Global Inc, Professional level customer service skills and expertise for staff, Recognition for achieving your designation as a Client Service Specialist or Professional, Development of high customer service standards within your organization, Assessment and standardization of best practices, Exam at end of each Accredited program completion. We offer an expansive portfolio of training offerings across IT, HR, Customer Service, and other departments that cover the Now Platform®. Accreditation – the formal recognition by an independent body, generally known as an accreditation body, that a certification … Search All. Approved programs (e.g., seminars, workshops, or conferences) display the CSPN CPD seal. Customer Service Training and Certification. Their engaging delivery style, pe… The hours can be earned through CSPN approved continuing education programs and/or CSPN approved conferences and events. You are required to obtain 25 hours of professional development activities every three-years. Programs are available as public sessions and customized onsite training. But how do you achieve this, © Customer Service Institute of America 2020, "...the information taught in the CCSM course was outstanding. With a strong focus on customer service skills, ACSR provides the knowledge you need to confidently meet the complex risk management and insurance challenges your clients face. Ready to start your accreditation or certification … Upon completion of the program, you will be able to build a solid foundation for your career and gain an industry-specific credential that is recognized by major organizations. Superior customer service is critical to the success of any service organization. Pre-approved programs and activities are provided with a CSPN ID number. (1-877) 727-9218 Fax, CCPC Head Office Ext. When all requirements are met names will be added to the CSPN Register. It covers everything related to customer service and provide a holistic improvement plan for the entire organization. Improved customer service skills: Through customer service training, employees improve their skills … Monday to Friday The Certified Client Service Specialist (CCSS) © and Certified Client Service Professional (CCSP) ©program equips participants with the tools, techniques, and effective customer service skills required in today’s demanding work environment. Stand out among your competitors and show your stakeholders the unwavering commitment you have to service excellence! You must keep a record of your hours and submit your hours to CSPN headquarters. Consider becoming a CCEP! CCPC Global Inc. (The Canadian Council of Professional Certification) was established for the purpose of recognizing, by way of certification, the accomplishments of professionals working in their specific field of work. The accredited programs may be achieved in any sequence. Whether you work in private, public, or not-for-profit organizations you will take away up to date information needed to succeed in your workplace. Members must participate in Continuing Professional Development activities that will contribute to their skills, performance, and knowledge. This way, members know that the program will be accepted for CPD credit. I gained a deeper understanding of the theory behind customer service and have been able to utilize the practical exercises in my current managerial position. It is each member’s responsibility to track their own professional development activities. 32 Emms Drive Consider becoming a CCSM! CSPN designation process has four components: The accredited programs may be achieved in any sequence. Payment Option. CSPN’s world class certified facilitators have delivered to hundreds of participants globally. An Institute of Customer Service qualification measures high standards of service, enabling you to demonstrate a high performance standard, and a commitment to continuous development. Awards are presented in the following three categories: Service Individual of the Year Presented to the individual who best exemplifies putting the customer … 6 Customer service representatives, supervisors, team leaders, and anyone who would like to learn more and join the Contact Centre / Customer Service industry. This three-course program offers the right blend of knowledge and skills to become an expert in all aspects of customer service–customer service and sales. The Customer Service Certification enables the first line and middle manager to monitor the level of service between an organisation and its customers, both internal and external. for the International Service Excellence Awards are being finalized! Participants receive a certificate of successful completion of each workshop and a master certificate … To master the art of superior customer service is to become a truly indispensable business asset. Customer Service Manager Certification (CSMC) Program Learning Objectives To obtain the broadest spectrum of knowledge regarding the behavior and strategies needed in securing a loyal customer An understanding of the intricacies of customer The right information needed to manage the people who your customers … Are you ready to increase your skillset around enhancing the customer experience? Accreditation and Certification Directories. Programs are available as public sessions and customized onsite training. Visit CSPN at www.mycspn.com  or call 905-477-5544. Find out more about our Excellence Awards, Certified Customer Experience Professional: CCEP, Certified Customer Service Organization: CCSO, Certified Customer Experience Professional, Management Certification Program to Improve Customer Retention, The Importance of Supplementing Employee Orientation With Customer Service Training. Purpose of Continuous Professional Development. That is why the designation is … We offer accredited … The Certified Client Service Specialist (CCSS) © and Certified Client Service Professional (CCSP) © program equips participants with the tools, techniques, and effective customer service skills required in today’s demanding work environment. Their engaging delivery style, personal anecdotes and personal approach to training is unparalleled to any other. Follow us on Linkedin or subscribe to our mailing list. Bonfire Training is a corporate coaching company with over 30 years of experience; it offers both on-site and remote training options for your customer service training needs. Accreditation demonstrates that your training courses meet national standards for customer service, as independently recognised by the Institute of Customer Service. The objective of the CPD requirement is to ensure that members, who are in good standing and are certified by CSPNCCPC Global participate in ongoing professional development activities. CSPN programs are certified and accredited by CCPC Global to ensure quality, content, and engaging delivery. Customer Service Training (Go Skills) Through this certification, you will learn to improve the quality … Go to CCSS Program Description   Go to CCSP Program Description. In today’s business landscape, C-level executives and key stakeholders are having to adjust to new norms in both marketing and, Many of us have a favorite brand, band, team, public figure, or cause that we follow and become a fan, As a Human Resource Manager, you are tasked with attracting and hiring qualified candidates. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an essential component of maintaining your designation. The CCPC Accreditation program was established as a quality assurance measure for education providers and those being educated in that given discipline.