The Mighty Nein take it in turns to enter Isharnai's hut one by one to talk- with Fjord, Nott, Yasha and Jester entering. In honor of the return of Critical Role and Episode 100 TODAY, I (Dani Carr, CR Loremaster) will be distilling all 99 episodes of Campaign 2 into four digestible recaps!Join me in recounting the exploits of the Mighty Nein (so far) with this look at Episodes 73-99! He drops his false accent and comes clean with the party about his loss of powers, concerned about being useless now to them. Caduceus has Yussa examine both the Happy Fun Ball and the dodecahedron. The Mighty Nein are taken aboard the Squall Eater, and Fjord learns more about his mysterious patron... – Listen to Campaign 2 Ep. Following the guidelines of the Hollywood White Paper, cast will be seated at separate tables at least seven feet apart with individual cameras, the show will be produced with a skeleton crew and the show will be pre-recorded rather than airing live. New episodes will be added to this playlist when they become available! While collecting payment from Watchmaster Bryce, the party need to establish a name for their group for the village's ledger. Vokodo heats the water around the party to a dangerous temperature, and is able to use a spell reflection ability to complicate the fight- with Beau and Caduceus briefly banished to the Astral Sea. Back in the village, the locals' memories are restored, and there is some frustration from them. Eventually Nott is able to bring it down with a ballista. The red-eyed man shook his head. Critical Role is a web series featuring a cast of professional voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. At the Valley Archive, they research Obann, the Laughing Hand and numerous other threats they are aware of. Critical Role has only 2 major campaigns so far, but both have over 100 episodes, and Campaign 2 — The Mighty Nein — is still in progress. 2 - A Show of Scrutiny, Rank #3: Vox Machina Ep. They are attacked by vines, a group of yuan-ti abominations, and finally a hydra. The party follow the river, dealing with traps and local fauna in the ruins. In a special State Of The Role announcement Creative Director and cast member Marisha Ray shared the news all critters have been waiting for…Critical Role will return July 2! They face a horde of undead, who are part of an elaborate puzzle which involves pushing their hearts into a pedestal. Official Critical Role products from Vox Machina, Mighty Nein, Between The Sheets, Yee-Haw Game Ranch, and Pub Draw. Dairon arrives and they are able to speak with Essek about the current threat. Find out how the Nein work their way out of this one in I.Am.No.Man's Critical Role Review! This in hand, they go to the High Richter's house. With the help of a man named Shakäste, they slay the beast and the remaining gnolls. Welcome to Critical Recap! They visit the Soltryce Academy, and meet with Lady Vess DeRogna at her home. They then meet with Lady Zethris Olios, a den mother, to take on mercenary work. Zsoro on Critical Role campaign 2. Reani, Jester and Caleb scout it in bat form, only to be distracted by the promise of bread. Fjord is again confronted in a vision by Uk'otoa, but is offered a degree of sanctuary by the Wildmother. On their way into town, Caleb recognizes the Archmage of Domestic Protection, Martinet Ludinus Da'leth, and the Archmage of Antiquity, Vess DeRogna, with Righteous Brand soldiers. Pages ; Join Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer and an all-star cast of world-class performers each week as they travel through imaginary realms for more adventure than you can shake a magic staff at. Caleb strikes at Vokodo with a disintegrate spell at considerable risk, but Vokodo fails to reflect it. The group explore some of the old ships, and Caduceus is able to use Divine Intervention to see a vision of Vokodo's flight from the Astral Sea and arrival on Rumblecusp. Campaign 2; Critical Role; 3 (Campaign 2, Episode 115) Fetching Fables & Frosty Friends . Essek leaves the party at the volcano and returns to Rosohna, while Jester and Caleb polymorph into eagles to try and find an entrance to the volcano. Avantika and the Mighty Nein encounter a Clovis Concord ship, and threaten the crew into submission. After their success, the Mighty Nein reunites the family and leave Kiri in their care. Episode 24: The Hour of Honor . The party do some research and pick up their goods from the Cryptic Collection. Beau falls prey to the water spout and is hurled high into the air, but Yasha is able to use her newly restored wings to catch her. Another giant is possessed, but the party are able to destroy the anchor and seal the rift. The party leave the hidden cave and are confronted by a series of strange wraith-like creatures in the ruins. The tower's owner, the mage Yussa Errenis, discusses recent events in the war with Beau. They make their way to the outpost of Bazzoxan, and magically contact Obann. Fjord is too big, and too tusky. The Mighty Nein infiltrate Lord Sutan's house and steal his wax seal. Critical Role Campaign 2, Episode 119 (12/10 at 7pm PST) Dungeons & Dragons. Caleb examines the items recovered from the "happy fun ball", including several books. Lady Olios speaks with the Bright Queen before they are brought into her throne room. The Mighty Nein are victorious in the final battle of the Victory Pit. Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, and Laura Bailey are absent this episode. On the Monday following the live stream, the streams are made available for the public on Critical Role's website and uploaded to their YouTube channel. The Mighty Nein organise outfits and attend the party- and successfully confront Essek. May 30, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Abbey Outain. In Trostenwald, the party pay off the debt of Gustav, former owner of the carnival that had been in town. In Uthodurn, Jester contacts Reani, and the party then heads to Nicodranas to prepare for the coming peace negotiations. The party battle Algar and his men, and Fjord seveers Algar's left hand to separate him from the device controlling the elemental. [30] The reveal of Keyleth's mother was "the first time that one of the unanswered questions from Campaign 1 has been answered in the current campaign". She specifies that the foreman Bodo must not get the credit for it- and offers a bonus if they can embarrass him in some way. The fight on the deck continues, and Avantika is able to grab the Cloven Crystal and flee. The party returns to Lady Olios and show her their evidence of the abyssal rift. During a tense encounter at the docks they are forced to steal a ship and flee as inadvertent pirates. Their research leads them to discover her name, Isharnai. Yussa, Allura and the party discuss what they know about the cult of the Angel of Irons, and Yussa reimburses them for his rescue. By Jason Sansbury On Jul 3, 2020 Last updated Jul 3, 2020. Nila leads the party through the Savalirwood where they meet the firbolg Caduceus Clay, the last keeper of a holy graveyard in the forest outside of Shady Creek Run, who decides to join the group. Beau: I'm always a fan of going down. Welcome to Critical Role! Critical Role is an American web series in which a group of professional voice actors play Dungeons & Dragons. In comparison, the characters in Campaign 2 have a much more complicated background and morally they rank much more on a scale of grey, rather than being the benevolent heroes from Campaign 1. The party leave quickly, concerned that she may work out their ruse. They discover a chamber filled with statues of weeping angels. They use a bridge to cross the chasm, tied together in a long line with rope. The party rest overnight, and ride for the mountains. [27] In February 2019, Jeremy Thomas, for 411Mania, wrote that "the cast of voice actors regularly garners viewership in the tens of thousands each Thursday night. Fjord kisses Jester and forces air into her lungs before they swim on, while Caduceus is dragged to the surface by his companions. After hurling the dick sculptures into the volcano, Artagan reveals himself in an illusory Moonweaver form, and begins to speak to the crowd. The group connect this to the archeological sites on their map, marked A1, A2 etc. anonymous asks: How many hours of Critical Role have I wasted my life on? Each episode averages about 4 hours — a fair amount of a time for a single D&D session. I always try to accommodate! "I don't want to impose, but I am bleeding profusely." Oct 30, 2020 - Explore Gbeckstedt's board "Critical role 2" on Pinterest. From the entrance they reopened, the Mighty Nein follow the tunnels of the Kryn's burrowing worms and meet a short lived kobold named Spurt. On their way to Shadycreek Run, the party is ambushed by a dangerous group of slavers known as the "Iron Shepherds" and Fjord, Jester, and Yasha are kidnapped. The party barter for passage to an island in the local lake where it had fled, and are able to defeat it. Lady Olios brings VaSuun and the group to Rosohna, the capital, via teleportation. Share Twitter ReddIt Pinterest Facebook Email Print. "I don't want to impose, but I am bleeding profusely." This week's Critical Role Review is full of government espionage, breaking and entering, leper dicks, a fight with a rug, holy shit moments, and a series of amazing critical fails. Cadeuceus communes with the Wildmother, and learns that they need to locate a blacksmith in Uthodurn in order to reforge the blade. Unable to escape with teleportation that day, they decide to spend the night in the forest, but are attacked by husk zombies. [26], In December 2018, Chey Scott, for Inlander, wrote: "one of the most popular live-play Dungeons & Dragons web series is Critical Role [...]. The Mighty Nein have some downtime in Rexxentrum, and all but Caleb attend The King's Cut, a clandestine fighting pit. The drow then drops their disguise revealing they are Beau's mentor, Dairon of the Cobalt Soul. By: I.Am.No.Man. Nott discusses the difficult issue of returning to her halfling form with Caleb; a process that may involve necromancy. Caleb meets with Astrid, and the following morning the full party go to the fighting pit. [10][11] On June 25, 2020, it was announced that the show would return on July 2, 2020 with a modified production plan. Doesn't have to be done, just an idea. Obann retreats and the Nein pursue, with Pumat holding off the cultists behind them. The Mighty Nein take the information from their scrying attempts to the Bright Queen, and warn of the coming attack. Veth talks with Yeza and agrees to continue her adventuring, leaving him a small fortune to live on in the meantime. This is the live home for a bunch of nerdy ass voice actors and all of their debauchery. They are given a contact in the Empire to ask about it further, and Jester, Beau and Nott receive magical tattoos from Orly. During their exploration, they uncover a secret way into the Tri-Spire, which could present a means of entering the expensive part of town with more ease. Reblog. Taking a hint from the locals, The Nein have had enough of working hard and are more than ready to party hard. Dairon reveals they are in Asarius investigating a possible connection between the Assembly and the Kryn Dynasty. The Mighty Nein are declared heroes for returning one of the Beacons of the Luxon. 1 - Curious Beginnings, Rank #2: Campaign 2 Ep. Glorious goods include apparel, dice sets, pins, journals and more. This week’s episode has got me bawling I love Essek so much. They destroy some of the hidden ships in an attempt to draw out Vokodo, and certainly anger the creature, though they still need to swim into its lair to fight. Nott leads the investigation of the burned down Brenatto Apothecary - Yeza, the owner, is missing but his son Luc survived the Kyrn attack. The party face the Bodak, and its accompanying. Caduceus, via Divination, discovers Yeza is being brought to Ghor Dranas, the capital of the Kryn Dynasty. They gain access to the Zadash Archive's teleportation circles- but are then banned after attempting to abuse this by rotating through the archives of the other cities to memorise. Caleb finds the bowl, Yasha shatters it, and Ford hears the voice of Uk'otoa. The. The party agrees to take care of the prison's out-of-control clockwork warden in exchange for the freedom of the gnomish children's parents. Three of their horses are killed by acid geysers as they advance towards the hag's residence. A desperate rescue attempt from the rest of the Nein leads to Molly's death at the hands of Lorenzo, the leader of the slavers. During their search for their missing friends, the party meets a dwarven woman Keg who agrees to lead the party to their friends if they agree to help her kill the Shepherds. In a last effort to save their lives, Caleb pulls out the dodecahedron the party acquired in Zadash. The group rush to the cathedral, bluff their way past an attacking Kryn force, and enter the building by means of Jester's magical paints. Marion's bathtub is unfortunately completely destroyed in the ritual. They manage to kill all the slavers, including Lorenzo, and rescue Fjord, Jester, and Yasha. In exchange for the highly dangerous Happy Fun Ball, Yussa gives Caleb his teleportation sigil. In the morning, some of their belongings have been moved around strangely, though Frumpkin did not sense any intruders. The party travels southward through Alfield, and stops to drink with Watchmaster Bryce. The second campaign of the Dungeons & Dragons web series Critical Role began on January 11, 2018; shortly after the conclusion of the first campaign. Fjord wants to head towards the Menagerie Coast to investigate the explosion on his ship. Outside the dome Caduceus and Fjord discuss their beliefs. Caleb spies using Frumpkin and determines that Thain is a guise of Essek. Critical Role airs live on Thursdays at 7pm Pacific time at Obann is slain, but some magical effect seems to cause Yasha to turn on the party. The Lost of the Sorrowsworn are extremely resistant to damage when in dim light or darkness, and so Caleb casts Daylight over their surroundings which turns the tide. During the night, the Traveler reveals himself to Jester as Artagan- not truly a god, but a fraud who needs her help. The Kryn soldiers use incredibly powerful dunamantic magic. The party agrees to head to Nicodranas on the Menagerie Coast, where Jester's mother lives. The Mighty Nein return to Nicodranas via Yussa's tower, and Jester scries on Yasha. They further discuss the Kiln, and how it could forge a weapon capable of fighting the monster. They climb the tree and disturb a massive roc. Campaign 2 is on the whole more polished then 1 is. Language: English Words: 821 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 8 Hits: 104 Critical Role Spoilers; Campaign 2 (Critical Role) Summary. Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting; Critical Role Fan Art; Critical Role Subreddit; Critical Role Wiki; Crit Role Stats; Critical Scope; Critical Role Source Critical Role Rebroadcast Talks Machina Between the Sheets All Work No Play. The party pursue Caduceus and drag him back to the surface. Jester and Beau scout out to sea a little to see if Vokodo's magical effects fade out with distance- but if this is the case the edge is beyond their reach. They discover a few magical items, and use a magic mirror to contact Allura and learn more about the events in the war- as time is moving faster outside the ball, from the Mighty Nein's perspective. They escort the Ruby of the Sea, an agoraphobe, back to the Lavish Chateau, and Jester then goes on to purchase some supplies for TravelerCon. [25] Johnston wrote, "that hefty episode length is daunting, but there's a perfect starting place in the middle: halfway through, a new campaign started, featuring all-new characters and storylines. Caduceus is able to use Greater Restoration to free Fjord of the remaining Cloven Crystal of Uk'otoa he is carrying, and this is hidden in Caleb's vault of amber. The Mighty Nein enter Asarius and agree to take care of a problem for a beast owner in exchange for a discount on his moorbounders, large cat-like creatures used as mounts. Creators: bboiseux, EllaPreuss, fiach_dubh, Flavortext, ginnyvos, lore_and_more, TheLastNoel Series Begun: 2018-01-13 Series Updated: 2019-10-31 Description: All of my fics and ficlets over 100 words for Critical Role Campaign 2. The group are pursued by wolves, but arrive at the perimeter of Uthodurn in time to be saved by the guards. Between The Sheets Ashley Johnson returns for a single episode. The party find the body of a drow from the Kryn Dynasty inside the ruins, and investigate a sloping chamber. Dairon is also able to identify the Scourger when Jester disguises herself as the late prisoner. [28], Christian Hoffer, for ComicBook, has highlighted multiple reveals in campaign two such as Keyleth's mother being alive[29] and that "Mollymauk's body seems to be once again among the living". They learn of a network of waterways under the city called the Sluice Weave. During their investigation of the gnoll-infested mine, the party discover a number of abducted townsfolk, who the gnolls intend to feed to a manticore. Recognising a common interest they complete several tasks for the strange entity, though relations turn sour and Avantika is ultimately executed by the pirate leader, the Plank King. If you're new to Critical Role and want to try watching campaign 2, catching up on 99 episodes (as of this article's posting) with anywhere from 3-5 hours per episode can sound pretty daunting and time-consuming. The following day they uncover an old column embedded with an emerald. The group has stealthily crossed the border, avoiding the frontlines, and emerge on the eastern side of the Ashkeeper Peaks. The Mighty Nein meet the aasimar Reani and are invited into her house for tea. This is verified by a male drow wizard, Lythir VaSuun, who breaks the anchor. These familiar voices bring the audience into the full experience of D&D, allowing imaginations to soar as the characters embark on adventures. From there Essek brings them to the Kravaraad volcano, home of the Kiln. Avantika and Fjord race into a submarine chamber, both attempting to break the seal on Uk'otoa. After everyone leaves the room, he gives up his Cloven Crystal, and the party escape. [2], Tyler Wilde, for PC Gamer, wrote on the impact of Molly's death on both the community and the cast: "Twitch chat was inconsolable. The Mighty Nein are invited to a party in Nicodranas by Athesius and Thain of the Cerberus Assembly. No, no, no, this couldn’t be real. A fight breaks out, but the party are able to make use of Charm Monster to stop the violence. The Mighty Nein have discussions about what to do after Rumblecusp. They create a diversion, while Nott and Jester use Dimension Door to retrieve the fragment and flee back to their dome. Additionally, Caleb looks into time manipulation, and learns more of the inherent dangers associated with it. The format is largely unchanged from the later episodes of the first campaign; with videos of the cast and any battlemaps presented in 3-5 hour episodes. The party feather fall out of the tree, and Jester manages to turn the roc into a bat with Polymorph. Alexandria Turney, for Screen Rant, highlighted that starting Critical Role can be a "little daunting" and that campaign one's "quality is noticeably lacking compared to future episodes which can be off-putting for those not already invested",[23] while campaign two is "highly recommended for new Critters to watch, as it makes it easier to fall in love with the cast, which then makes it easier to go back and watch some of the lower-quality sessions of the first campaign". Their parents were arrested for worshiping the Changebringer, an outlawed god. They encounter a second rift upstairs and a chasme flies out to attack them. Find out how the Nein work their way out of this one in I.Am.No.Man's Critical Role Review! Isharnai believed that she had just agreed to end the curse because she had such a nice time talking with Jester, and follows through. The party rejoin with Yasha and head to the secret hideout of The Gentleman, and one of his attendants recognises Mollymauk. First episode available only through the Critical Role Twitch and YouTube channels. They discuss a theory that the war may simply be a diversion, orchestrated by the cult to allow them to free the Chained Oblivion. They visit the Broken Stool Tavern for room and board, contact Essek and rest. They use the workshop to construct a golem of their own named Little Willi, and discover a laboratory containing twisted monsters. Reblog. They observe the building, and a drow who approaches. Proceeding carefully into the cave the following morning, they tie the mythril ingot to a shield on the end of a piece of rope. The party fight the gorgon, and Fjord narrowly avoids death and Beau narrowly avoids petrification. The party recovers and head towards Asarius, the City of Beasts. Critical Role Campaign 2 - D&D, nerdy-ass voice actors and Wild(mount) Times. Critical Role rebroadcast countdown timer and timezone conversion here! The Mighty Nein are forced to flee, leaving Yasha behind and sealing her into the chamber with the Laughing Hand. Zsoro on Critical Role campaign 2. It and its Tuesday discussion show Talks Machina are Geek & Sundry’s most popular shows by far, both on Twitch and Legendary’s Project Alpha". As the curse was lifted earlier, the spell takes hold, and Nott returns to her halfling form, Veth. Essek visits and teaches Caleb two dunamancy spells. Board/Card Games Critical Role Review: Campaign 2 Episode 24 Michelle. Video length. They infiltrate the Shepherds' stronghold and rescue Nila's family. Yasha: I'm always a fan of rears. Contest & Sweepstakes Rules The party decides to take the time to pursue Lady Olios's jobs before continuing after Yeza. Welcome to Critical Role! Jester mentions using TravelerCon to deal with the 200 or so followers, perhaps to disband them. Eremis Stone, when restored, informs the party that the gorgon cane from Blightshore. Team It is not available on the Twitch or YouTube VOD. Please check the ingredient labels on your items and message me with any allergy concerns. In … Fjord bonds with the new sword, and the party journey with Essek to the dungeon with the captive Scourger. At a dive bar afterwards, Beau theorizes on connections between Vess DeRogna and Nonagon. 19.09.2020 - Entdecke die Pinnwand „Critical Role : Campaign 2“ von Sam. The Mighty Nein spend some time in the tavern. Fjord and Jester are informed of Molly's death but Yasha is still unconscious. They discover a research chamber dating to the Age of Arcanum. They meet the firbolg Nila who is heading north to find her son who was stolen by slavers. Dec 8, 2020 - Explore Ben Clifford's board "Critical Role: Campaign 2" on Pinterest. Downloads Both sides take heavy losses before the Kryn withdraw. Jester tells the others of her vision, and speaks with the grass using Charm of Plant Command, learning that Molly was dug up around fifty days earlier. Campaign 2 is on the whole more polished then 1 is. Caleb obliterates most of the crew along with Vera using a Fireball, and then all sides stand down to await the Plank King's judgement. Nott is hesitant but eventually agrees to the process- but the spell fails as there is a curse in effect upon her still. And neither would that show include a scene in which the actor is told they've been written off. They are attacked in a flooded chamber by more yuan-ti, and the delay causes Jester and Caduceus to begin to drown. The ship erupts into a messy combat, in which Vera uses Mass Suggestion to draw in the guards from the docks. Geek and Sundry Critical Role Critter Critical Role Fan Art CriticalRole Fjord summons a demon on the deck of the ship as a distraction. Fan Art of Critical Role Campaign 2. The party learn that Pumat is severely injured though alive, and speak with the Righteous Brand investigators to explain what happened. The Mighty Nein decide to keep away from the war, and leave Zadash to deal with two important missions for the Gentleman: first, reconnect with an old friend named Ophelia Mardun 350 miles northwest on the outskirts of Shadycreek Run, who has requested his aid in stabilizing her situation. It seems that shards of other planes are intersecting at the island, perhaps due to the influence of Vokodo. Jester saves a kenku child named Kiri who they take with them to the swamp village of Berleben. He’d wake up in Zedash, with you in his arms, safe and warm and alive. Beau: I'm always a fan of going down. Along the way the Ball Eater is attacked by a. After healing Caleb the group retreat and have some downtime including shopping. The event is interrupted by an actual angelic emissary of the Moonweaver, who is angry at their misuse of the Moonweaver's name. On their way to the Labenda Swamp, Yasha has a notable dream. As they head to bed, Jester scries on Molly, and sees him searching through a room. Nott is troubled about being seen by her husband in her goblin form but Yeza still accepts her. The Mighty Nein destroys it, and examine a nook containing jewellery. Critical Role Campaign 2, Episode 118 (12/3 at 7pm PDT) Jester uses the spell Sending to inform Yasha of their destination before the party heads southward. Critical Role is one of the internet's most popular Dungeons & Dragons shows for its fantastic world-building courtesy of DM Matt Mercer, the talented players that all lend their voice acting talents to their characters, and the perfect balance between hilarity and seriousness in their role-playing. Each time the party wound it, it simply creates another mouth on the surface of the creature, adding to the cacophonous laughter emerging from it. Read Now Checkout Pre-Ordered Manage Pre-Orders Unavailable for purchase in Your credit card on file lists an address in . They return to Rosohna and speak with Essek before he transports them to Mythburrow, where a white dragon is believed to reside. 5:02:04. The party investigates the Overcrow Apothecary, and Jester again attempts to scry on the blond man and learns of an impending attack on the Ashguard Garrison. Critter blog keeping track of monster stats, dice rolls, and anything else that can be quantified on Critical Role.