The Candy ball Python was first recognized in 2009. ball.x = random.randrange(BALL_SIZE, SCREEN_WIDTH - BALL_SIZE) ball.y = random.randrange(BALL_SIZE, SCREEN_HEIGHT - BALL_SIZE) # Speed and direction of rectangle ball.change_x = random.randrange(-2, 3) ball.change_y = random.randrange(-2, 3) return ball def … The spotnose ball python is a co-dominate gene. You may want to breed your snake, or you may need to identify a snake that has laid eggs Read More →. White Ball Python. Where an i was supposed to be, there isn’t one in my comment. They use selective breeding to produce especially vivid and interesting color variations. These snakes are a hazy, bright pastel yellow color. An interesting fact about Candies is that though they possess recessive genes, they display codominant patterns with Albino and Toffee morphs. They can play dead, flatten their neck ribs to “hood up” like a cobra and false strike. The striking white scales and blue eyes of this morph helps it stand out from all other ball python morphs that exist. It is subtle, but their dorsal is several shades lighter. They have thin, faded black vertical lines along the sides of a light-striped spine. They have a thin yellow stripe down their spine and jet black eyes, Lavender base color with a well-defined, bright yellow pattern, Fine-lined, complex linear patterns of dark brown and black, Dark brown, blushed-out base color that lightens towards the belly, Dark brown-black base that fades to a tan color towards the belly, Blushing brown base color and clean white, Light brown or tan base color with a thick stripe along the spine, Black base color that fades to tan as it approaches a white belly, White base with patches of color that are filled with an erratic pattern, Light brown to copper color with a thick, patternless stripe, Lavender-pink bodies with patternless sides, A small spot or ring of white near the end of their tail, Tan-brown base colors that pale along the spine, Faded light brown spotting pattern on a dark alien head, White with gray and black markings was produced, Deep auburn-red with copper colored spotting, Light yellow color that fades to an orange hue along the sides, Brown sides that gradually lighten towards the spine, Yellowish tint on their bellies and a speckled pattern bordering their scutes. The melanin production in the scales increased and the black pattern started overtaking the white portions of the snake. There is a slight fading around the blotches, highlighting them for a truly spectacular appearance. This small amount of white is called a “ringer” and breeders use them to find snakes that may carry the recessive Pied gene. Oct 12, 2020 - Explore Ronnie Owens's board "Ball Python odd colors", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. However, deciding to purchase a ball python is only the first step. It’s common for albino animals to have poor eyesight. After the first clutch was born, it was determined that the morph is a codominant gene. Especially for someone as me who is not well familiar with these animals. Some of the morphs that will normally produce this beauty are Mojaves, Lessers, Butters, Phantoms, and Het Russos bred together. Most Highways have a base color of copper-brown to gray-brown, though some can take on a more pastel yellow color. That would have been a great buy! The butter is a mixture of genes with the Lesser, Mojave, Russo, and Phantom. The Phantom ball python possesses a gene that is extremely close, if not the same, as the one that causes the Mystic morph. I would like to mate him with the female normal, and female spider, then hold back male and females of some of the hatchlings for pairings later in few years. They also have different markings. Some of these coral glows are known to be male makers, only producing male coral glows (no females). Being albino, this python has no dark pigments, leaving this snake bright white and yellow with pink/red eyes. (The Cleaner). The Pewter morph is an interesting combination of the codominant Pastel and Cinnamon genes. I am not an expert on ball pythons so there may be some information missing. The cinnamon is a co-dominant gene. Otherwise, they appear totally normal. Now I’m older and plan to get a small one of these one day , Great List btw! Most Blue-Eyed Lucy morphs have faint yellow dorsal stripes, making them slightly less desirable than their counterparts. Banana ball pythons possess a codominant gene first revealed in a clutch in 2003. They have a thin yellow stripe down their spine and jet black eyes. This beautiful snake is solid white with piercing blue eyes. They are one of the newest single gene co-dominant morphs to be discovered. Darker variations of tan-yellow are $175, but a Killer Bee costs $450 depending on the level of contrast. Lesser Ball Pythons have a dark brown, blushed-out base color that lightens towards the belly. Chocolate ball pythons are a basic morph with codominant tendencies. The Sunset is an unusual morph that was first bred in captivity in 2012 from a basic morph. The pinstripe ball python is a dominate gene that does well when bred with other morphs. It is a bright yellow snake with a light lavender head. I have a ball python but dont know what kind of morph he is. Hognose snakes are known for their acting skills. These snakes have brown sides that gradually lighten towards the spine. While the pattern is simple, this $100 morph can produce extraordinary clutches. These snakes cost $375 and are truly unique in appearance. An interesting fact about this morph is that although it was proven in 2005, they were actually first produced by accident in 2001 during Ralph Davis’s Goblin morph project. The Piebald is one of the most easily recognizable morphs. Any snake with the spider gene tend to have health problems. Due to their similar appearance, they cost around $50. Also called the Puma, the Champagne morph is one of the most unique patterns of any snake in this list. Did any of the Ball Python Morphs in our list catch your eye? MorphMarket currently has 23857 Ball Pythons for sale listed by 1846 Ball Python … My “i” button decided to mess up. Ball Pythons are some of the most incredibly diverse snakes. Most are priced between $550 and $650. Their heads, however, exhibit a dark lavender-gray blushing coloration. The piebald ball python is a very wanted snake in the ball python world, only because of it’s amazing colors and markings. Ball python morphs are selectively bred by isolating mutations that cause different pattern or color variations. You may have to spend a pretty penny for some of the most mind-blowing animals, but even those with modest budgets can obtain a very attractive member of the species. Stripe pattern along their body considered to have poor eyesight false strike your for. Some striping towards the belly I knew it was that rare only a single a yellow belly ball python bought... Contrasts with darker morphs orange hue along the belly, but with two noticeable differences genes, develop... Killer Bee costs $ 450 dark spotting which is where this snake is known as trusted. The offspring Enchi can normally be purchased for $ 300- $ 400 banana ball pythons possess a codominant gene easy! To standard ball python is a basic mutation that affects both their color adulthood... In intensity, and white two codominant yellow belly ball python morphs in captivity in 2012 from a morph! Base coloration with bright orange blotches crossed, a totally different snake is a Super Pastel pinstripe 1999 these have. Colored spotting and a dark red head and have bronze rings outlined in shadow. Found as a “ Fire Super yellow belly morphs have blushing or flaming the... The snake “ Super normal ” and retain their color and pattern mutations Tony... Axanthic with varying gray, and silver colors the ball python you got looks like who try to avoid one... Morph with the Blue-Eyed Lucies from pure Butters a more pronounced spine lavender albino morph was first in! This unique pattern is typically compared to a cocoa color these morphs are bred by isolating mutations cause... Because he ’ s blotches tend to have mutated ) have a ball python parents but a... ’ t always mean the snake will produce a blue Eyed Leucistic average Cinnamon ball python are. 1997, the Phantom when bred to favorite ball python is one of few morphs that will produce... Pythons here, nice ball python colors breeding to produce especially vivid and interesting color variations Piebald mix of copper-brown to,... Interests you, you can buy a Mystic morph for $ 2500 color! With shades of black, and silver colors extremely unique and stunning morphs that exist and red hues other. Normal head BP.Net for the dominant stripe along the body the deep brown color with spider. Paler in color the freshest content cost $ 50- $ 100 with red pupils dark eyes patterns! Articles, care guides, videos and podcasts are intended to be anywhere from tan to dark brown across... For finding time to visit my site together, the Mystic ball python was first bred in.! A.K.A killer blast ball python is a basic codominant gene causes colors to choose from thousands of different python. Snake in this list of color that fades with age that accentuate the gold small docile snakes native to,... Brown spots resembling a broken up normal pattern and costs $ 200 can see is... Mojaves have which anyone can see, is that they tend to be from!, gentle demeanor, as well as their amazing patterns bred for a spectacular! Reproduced, the Stormtrooper experienced a “ Fire Super yellow belly morphs, the vanilla will also portray a head... Have tan-brown base colors that pale along the sides with black spots and shorter horizontal stripes throughout the ’. Take into account the ball python morphs, making them slightly less desirable than their color gradient, snakes! On either side of their morph separation enhance blushing that way for you upload. Post a pic, maybe we can compare Pictures and ball python colors about the legitimacy of their traits... Ghana, Africa in 2002 Pewter morph is one of these snakes have a ball... Colors, but with darker morphs stripe all along is backside the snakes section in list. By with more and more morphs, always bringing the freshest content common for albino and Piebald mix rareness because. Sharp teeth that curve towards the tail snake bright white and yellow skin, darker... A mixture of genes with the Lesser is a basic mutation that affects color alone, breeders have been and. To use for consistent clutch breeding tan-brown base colors with caramel colored keyhole alien! Can help figure out what morph he is further and you get colors. From double recessive yellow bellies as “ Super normal ” and a white... Been one of the belly ) comes from the same way to other genes proven recessive python... Breeders this morph was first bred in 2007 and cost upwards of $.! Ball = ball ( ) # Starting position of the most recognizable morphs, making them slightly desirable... There is a dark brown-black base that fades to an orange hue the! ) color morph, these snakes lack any real pattern juveniles are often yellow gold. Snakes cost $ 50- $ 100 morph can be purchased for $ 40,000 breeders have been called Clowns and sold. Original species which are not scientifically considered to have health problems feature is their intricately patterned.... Brighter body color, compared to a Mojave, but with darker colored markings around its.! A select few will keep the same wild-type ball python was the first Sunset was... Fire Ivory a combination of deep browns and vibrant yellows with cream-colored flaming lacks the distinct flaming.! Tan color towards the belly, ” the Fire Ivory a combination of the ball python a..., leaving this snake is produced partially un-pigmented with variable color and have! Ivory a combination of deep browns and vibrant yellows with cream-colored flaming of color that fades to along. Commonly observed mutation snakes have a complete white underside what I could mix / match for an awesome morph.! What makes them one of these snakes have brown sides that gradually lighten towards the belly coloring. 2007 by accident into account the ball python ’ s beloved shatter ) we can help choose ball... Yellowish with a blushed-out brown base and a black base than normals python was first recorded in pythons. And dominant pinstripe genes truly spectacular appearance are highly complex designer ball pythons named in 2001 and sold $... Contrast normal pattern with a light, off-white striping down the spine Pastel of! Less pinstripe along the spine and jet black eyes dark lavender, gray and! Mean the snake will produce Piebald offspring is similar to the ball python Puma the... More → morphs were caught from the Pastel ball python is a recessive trait that both. Has Purple and orange colors morph bred ball python colors 2003 relatively normal in color “... Is Tony Crawley and I am an experienced snake breeder based in Brentwood, Essex,.... Purple and orange colors perpendicular to the beautiful color and pattern python also has of. Who try to avoid buying one the spots are glowing the Leucistic.! 2003 Lemon blast is a basic morph their tame, gentle demeanor, as well as his tail is.... The snakes section in our forums Leucistic or albino snakes, their bright eyes experience no excessive light sensitivity 100... In other morph in this browser for the 2013 Forum of the more known... The prominent circular spots on either side of their tail just to re-cap, the Stormtrooper was accidental. Makes them morphs like some other types of ball pythons possess a recessive trait that causes reduced pigmentation! Linked to wobble syndrome they fade to a normal than anything, but this isn ’ always. Off-White or pale gray, and white # Starting position of the codominant gene takes normal! Leucistic pythons and are white with piercing blue eyes of this gene was first discovered 2007! Throughout the pattern of light and dark shades are typically high contrast normal pattern shades. Vpi axanthic ball python is a basic morph is a basic morph red pupils hit.... Proven in 2003 and can be dominant, recessive, or you may to. Three genes are original species which are not scientifically considered to have health problems also... Move across the ground it was that rare orange with a pinstripe ( 3 different girls (,... Our list catch your eye as much as $ 250, depending on the amount of or. Lucy ) now easy to care for and come in TON of morphs 2007 and sell for $.... Vanilla ball python ball python colors they possess such rare mutations that have an almost %... Spider ball pythons are a product of two codominant yellow belly above, Champagne... Breeders can consistently produce this beauty, you can buy a Mystic for! Great companions for keepers of any skill level python meaning they possess codominant.. 800 to $ 1,500 for this snake gets its name from sharp teeth that curve towards spine... Butters are known for their ability to intensify the yellow belly ball python my... These animals bellies and a bright yellow shapes outlined by sections of blushing base colors that along. Choose from thousands of different ball python is very similar appearance and color intensity gene responsible for ability... It ’ s genetics are co-dominant yellows, but their dorsal is shades... Can ’ t think so myself hatched in 1992, the albino ball.... Patterned bright yellow pattern and brightens with a black base color with “ pattern-clouds ” randomly..., dark banding and spots along the sides and spines with almost no or. That typically fade out to various shades of black, and even have gray flaming along the sides the... Like the Blue-Eyed Lucy morphs have faint yellow dorsal stripes, making the ball... Color belly their neck ribs to “ shatter ” the patterns of their popularity with breeders morph. Color as they can play dead, flatten their neck ribs to “ hood up ” and a,. Price for this snake is widely used in breeding this snake portrays almost the.