Talked to a guy from e-careers over the phone tonight who said any course through e-careers you can get a NUS student card from! I can see my card details including the NUS Extra and ISIC Numbers online already. I just managed to renew my card for 3 years for £32. * The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry operate on a slightly different academic calendar structure. Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences. When I try to select the place of study/work, I don’t have E-Careers as an option :/. NUS Card Student Discounts: How to get them and how to become a student UPDATE: Currently all online courses have been removed from the accepted NUS/Totum system. I couldn’t get “ecareers” to work this morning. I was renewing a card, not sure if that makes a difference but payment was processed and I have an email confirmation from NUS, Learndirect does not come up when you enter it in place of study. Also, as we saw with Ecareers, Shaw Academy and Of Course it’s possible some providers will get dropped by NUS – so there is a risk. So free to sign up to them, and then £12 for the totum card? I just signed up for a Shaw Academy course but it seems they’re only free for 30 days, after which you have to pay £50 to continue. the only option for apple discount will be unidays Ecareers no longer works guys. Collaboration. But you simply log in and click through! Don’t that use the Unidays website for edu discounts? It’s such a shame, Looks like the NUS doesn’t work any more for Apple One of the first posts I wrote for the blog explained how I managed to get an NUS card, even though I wasn’t actually studying at a university or college. Just wanted to FYI the shaw academy online is always doing free courses either on their website or through freebie websites. I don’t know about other airlines, but it’s ruled me out! now require you to send a scan photo of A valid NUS Extra or NUS Apprentice Extra card (must show your name, institution, and date of expiry).If we determine you’re eligible, we’ll send you a follow-up e-mail within 3-5 business days that contains a link which allows you to complete the sign-up process without an e-mail address. Presenting an international diploma or one that was obtained from a private institution. Fantastic! I selected it, proceeded, and it never asked me for any further course details, just my payment method, and done. Student Number: NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE MA4207 - MATHEMATICAL LOGIC (Semester 2 : AY2018/2019) Time allowed : 2 hours 30 minutes INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. So just Ecareers. I’ve keep looking for Spotify workarounds too! Sorry about the issues you are facing with your NUS Extra Card. Financial Blog of the Year – 2018 Headlinemoney awards, Financial Blog of the Year – 2017 Headlinemoney awards, Best Money Saving Blog – 2017 SHOMO awards, Best Personal Finance Blog – 2016 SHOMO awards, Highly Commended for Best Personal Finance blog – 2016 Headlinemoney awards, Money Blogger of the Year Runner-up – 2015 Santander Media Awards. Overall though I think if too many people did this (and if it works) they might close the loophole, so I’d be happy to pay an extra £8 or £9 if it means I can do it each year. However you can still save at lots of shops with one! Sadly you need ID from an academic institution for a rail card. WELCOME10), it’s £3.60 instead of £4.00. This enables you to experience an overseas education for a semester or two while paying NUS tuition fees. Same discounts as the old NUS Extra / new Totum card, but without having to register as a student. However, you’ll still be able to use your discount elsewhere so it’s not a total waste of cash. If I find any way to get a cheap course I’ll update the article accordingly. Once you’ve done so unidays states it doesn’t currently accept ecareers :-/ so I’ve not yet been able to use my discount on any retailers websites I’ve tried so far. Saved a very substantial amount of cash. Can you really get an NUS card if you’re not a student, Does this trick still work with the online courses ?? Andy, hey man! I check this page from time to time (last update 2/8/18) to ensure the provider is listed on the NUS website, but to be doubly sure you can check yourself in the application process, which you can do before you purchase the course. Thanks JC. Thanks for the tip. Me too. Yes, it needs to be Ecareers. When I discovered this trick in 2013 I’d bought a Photoshop course. That’s where it should be. In all, Yale-NUS attracted more than 8,500 applicants from all over the world. What happened? It’s not possible to buy an online course to be eligible for the NUS Card, so I’d hate for people to take advantage of this option in case it impacts the company and its legitimate students. It’s worth up to 10% off, and if you buy in August and September you can usually get some free Beats headphones thrown in! Add on the discounts you can get at cinemas, theatres, galleries and thousands of shops and you should easily make your £13.50 back. Oh, I don’t know then. If you are unable to find your answer, please click on 'Send an Email' to submit your query to our Customer Care support team. 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Thanks! Thanks Andy! You sure this works for Apple? You can get three months for 99p at the moment if you’re a new user. SUMMARY OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT ENROLMENT 2019/2020 as at 03 Sep 2019. No prices on their web site though! 1, can I buy a 3-year card? The online application form for Polytechnic Diploma holder is meant for: 1. I’ve linked in the article above to the cheapest ones I’ve found so far. I’ve contacted New Skills Academy as it still states on its website that you get an NUS card with its courses. Prof Antonio Helio Castro Neto, from the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering. No problem. I suspect someone from TOTUM check this page always . Many thanks for this brilliant little tip! Alternatively, TR3203 can be mapped to TR3203E in which 8 MCs of CS electives at level-3000 can be considered for the fulfilment of CS Breadth and Depth Requirements. All Faculties & Schools: ... 385 1135: Grand Total: 15363 15894: 31257 FULL-TIME COURSES: 2019/2020. It’s usually around 5-10% but… why not When you do click through, do make sure the course is being offered by one of the providers listed above as some deals sites mix the search results with courses by other companies. Do we need to apply for an NUS Extra card? Potentially you can combine buying the course from LivingSocial etc with cashback, as Topcashback at least offer such sometimes. I bought a one-year online course, can I apply for a three-year NUS card? We look forward to having them on campus soon.”. He says, “I wish to improve my craft in both areas of performing and visual arts as I see merit in both. And it’s completely legitimate. Have a decent undergrad profile - it is not necessary to have an outstanding record, but at least have a consistent one 2. Singapore’s first liberal arts college continues to attract talents from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests. I’ve just signed up myself and ordered a card so fingers crossed it arrives ok. Here’s the link: (because High schools don’t normally have emails or academic portals). A fantastic deal. Thanks. Go via go groupie as recommended by Andy and once you’ve paid go to straight to and follow the instructions choosing Ecareers as your course provider. Hi Arif, no the main trick no longer works. I’ve just tried to the final payment page and it seems to work fine. Just select eCareers as your place of study when applying for the NUS card – there’s no actual check that you’ve signed up to an eCareers course as far as I can tell (at least it got me all the way to the final payment screen – I’ve already got an NUS card so didn’t actually go through with the purchase). I check it last week and it worked fine for me. Risa Shindo, Class of 2019, who hails from Japan and has been living in New York for the past ten years, is one such student who has participated in initiatives that impacted the community. Risa says, “Although this was a voluntary effort, the programme itself was very two-way. Couldn’t see an option for taking this over more than a year though, so may need to revisit the issue next year! With the arrival of these new students who possess both stellar academic credentials as well as extraordinary extracurricular interests and accomplishments, Yale-NUS continues to expand the diverse and global nature of its student body, which will stand at over 500 students with its third intake. Anyway, thanks for the tips Andy, great article. Banbha O’Neill. **, The best student discounts, offers and deals. I’ve called Ecareers but they say that’s a mistake and they don’t have a partnership with Totum. Your email address will not be published. It didn’t ask to provide any proof or whatever. No need to ‘redeem voucher’. That should show up! Then just choose the closest to the course you’ve bought. Hmm, have you tried a different browser? It should auto populate after a few characters with institutions to choose from. Hmm, contact Shaw Academy to find out where this is. Sorry for the inconvenience again, this was caused by NUS Extra and without any warning to us . They are in the middle of changing their name and system to TOTUM and they’ve paused lots of online suppliers, while they manually check all details. As the first liberal arts college in Singapore, Yale-NUS offers a distinctive curriculum and residential programme that encourages active learning, adaptability and critical thought. Hi John, I got this through Apple when I bought my Mac. Can I write 3 years between the start date and end date? Prepare a Statement of Purpose. I have just enrolled with Skillsnetwork and they have saud I can get an NUS card. My payment was accepted and now I’m told my card is being produced! Now I’m going to do Spotify, Amazon Prime and hopefully go see a cheap movie in an air conditioned cinema while it’s 32C outside! I’ll keep an eye on this to see if it changes. Or any ways or forging a Unidays account..? Bespoke Offers has also shut and many of the group buying sites are streamlining…. Instead of enrolling at a college or university, you can sign up for an online learning course. It says it will arrive in 7 days, fingers crossed it comes! Let me know what they say. Followed your instructions and I’ve not ordered mine. The National Union of Students (NUS) is the peak representative body for Australian higher education students. Did you sign up to a course ? My new card is on the way. NUS & Policy. Hi, no you should be able to choose any course. Worked fine for me with a Shaw Ac course. At the moment it looks like Spotify is off the cards unless you have an email address. Thanks! - Be Clever With Your Cash, How to save on music streaming  - Be Clever With Your Cash, Latest Tastecard offers: one year and a free £5 Pizza Express voucher for £29.99 - Be Clever With Your Cash, Cheap festival tickets - including save up to £26 at Bestival - Be Clever With Your Cash, How to get an NUS card & discount - even if you're not a student - Be Clever With Your Cash. 25 September 2019 – NUS Computing students Chua Jun Hui (Computer Science, Year 4), Andrea Thniah (Information Security, Year 3) and Tay Kang Ming (Computer Engineering, Year 3) , and their team, won first place at the Elevate Tech Jam Hackathon held from 21 to 22 September in Toronto, Canada. Andy I’ve just bought the £4.00 Microsoft Office 2013 New Features..I’ve phoned for the course members number but the lady said I can’t get an NUS Card for this course..please advise? Also do you know if the £4 Microsoft deal still entitles you to an NUS card? We are following up on Race for Equality, published in 2011, which was a seminal piece of research exploring the voices of students of … This works! When NUS extra was dreamed up by the National Union of Students, it broke new ground – and it’s never stopped fighting for students’ rights. If not, try some random numbers…. Application Details. Does this enable you to get eduxation/student discount on an Apple Mac? I signed up with Shaw Academy but then the NUS website requires a Shaw Academy student number as well. Yale students are intrigued,” said Trisha Craig ’93 Ph.D, dean of international and professional experience at Yale-NUS. so not sure if worth it if i can’t get the amazon discount. Are we required to have a UK postal address to register on NUS website? Applicants (regardless of nationality) presenting a diploma from one of the local polytechnics in Singapore. I can see that they do not recognise learndirect as a place of study. These courses cover everything from baking to business and usually last a year. It was chat with learn-accounts which was the site I was sent to for the accounting and bookkeeping course, which was sold under the Ecareers name. Phone number: +65 65162109 Enter – LCBT LTD as collage. Any update on spotify? Hi, does anyone know if the ‘intro to Microsoft new features’ course for £4 on GoGroopie will be valid for applying for the NUS card? Yale-NUS Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Kristin Greene, says, “We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know our prospective students through the application and interviewing process and are overwhelmed at the exceptional talent of this third class at Yale-NUS College. I can’t see anything for a plain and simple NUS Card and it seems as though the “Extra” is for apprenticeships etc? I found this trick because I’d signed up tfora photoshop course in 2013, and I’ve renewed it a further three times so far. NCC Home Learning also still list NUS card eligibility in its website but I can’t get it to appear on the NUS website. Anyone else having the same issue? There are a number of different course providers which have an agreement with NUS to provide the cards to their students. Conference registration deadline is 2pm on Wednesday 6 February. Instead of enrolling at a college or university, you can sign up for an online learning course. This is the only one which lets you get the card delivered to your home address. All NUS Undergraduate, Graduate and Non-graduating students are eligible to use Office 365 ProPlus. Hi, Ive signed up for an NUS Card, my Spotify is now up for renewal but it now says this: Now you can enjoy the ultimate Spotify experience for less than a fiver a month. Thanks in advance. Thanks Andy. Have I missed something or maybe am I supposed to leave it a certain length of time between activated my course with eCareers before NUS will recognise my email address? Seems like anyone can just sign up and pay for a card on the NUS site – I assumed you needed an email (and this is what ECareers would give you) but you can sign up with any email address. For Semester 2 and mini-semester 2A, this commences on the second Monday of January each year. Sorry but the £9 LivingSocial course deal is over. Once you are no longer an NUS student, your installed Office 365 ProPlus will enter into reduced-functionality (or view-only) mode. I’ve just gone through the process as far as payment and it all seems as expected. Thanks. All you need to do to get your hands on this great offer is register or log in with UNiDAYS® below. Many thanks! SINGAPORE — The National University of Singapore (NUS) said that it has 14 students who are confirmed to be infected with COVID-19. Ecareers or online course not reconised ! Try the links in the site above, via Go Groopie, Groupon and others, Hi, what course level is the online go groopie course? Do you have to actually complete any of the modules for the course, exams etc? Hey, I’ve signed up for a course but get stuck at step one of buying an NUS card; essentially I enter my email and then on the next page no place of study’s showing, typing in eCareers does nothing either. Going direct to these companies to buy a course can be very expensive. NUS & Policy. It’s been live for ages and ends now! Yale-NUS College scholar charged with taking upskirt & shower videos of women was national bowler. I’ve just spotted this too. 806 8067 22 Registered Office: International House, Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XE There, she lent a helping hand to the fishermen who were short-handed, and found the volunteering efforts extremely enriching. More on saving at Apple with a student discount, Learn more about how you can combine this saving with other cinema discounts,,,,, Is this your last chance to use the NUS card trick? On 19 April 2019, NUS student Monica Baey published a string of Instagram Stories about a fellow student, Nicholas Lim Jun Kai, who had filmed her showering in her hostel’s bathroom last November. Are there any courses/places of study available at the moment? I normally put vocational and that works fine! AskAdmissions You will find answers to most frequently asked questions on undergraduate admissions and financial aid here. Here’s my blog on that in more detail I guess make sure you’re not getting set up for a Direct Debit. So, no refund requested For NUS full-time students, please enter promo code: NUSSTUDENTXXXX (Last 4 digits of your student matriculation number). Try a different browser perhaps? This article was first published in The Straits Times . I’ve just checked through the whole process and I’ve not been asked for an academic email address. In exchange for lending a hand to the fishermen, I learnt a great deal from my host, the Abe family, about their lives at home and at sea, and also how they survived the earthquake.” Risa later returned to New York and retold the stories of the Abe family, raising funds through a concert with some of her peers. Talking Turnaround at NUS; ... Quality Students' Unions. . Also what does the “student password” relate to ? I can’t get Spotify discount to work, my student pass for last year just expired and I can’t extend it. But I don’t hold out much hope. Amazon asks for email address. Hey mate! The NUS Arts Festival 2019 launches with a math rock concert Sine of The Times on March 7 th and runs from 15 th until 23 th.Tickets may be purchased here.. Mary Loh is the Festival Director for NUS Arts Festival and the Head of Talent Development & Programming at NUS Centre For the Arts. Students are exposed to an interdisciplinary inquiry-based curriculum which enables them to master a broad body of knowledge and techniques, taught by a globally diverse faculty of leading educators and researchers who are passionate in mentoring and teaching. Your membership number, staff number or matriculation number is the alphanumeric characters as they appear on your membership, staff or matriculation cards. Distance Learning Centre still say they offer Totem cards so I tried typing that in and lo and behold, it came up as an option. The best option might be one of the on-line courses at London Skills & Development Network (who are definitely on the list!). It’s possible they verify with the email used for eCareers before sending the card out, but I don’t know. What university did you put in drop down box ? Sign up to my newsletter and you’ll get the best money saving news and deals straight to your inbox every week. * The Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry operate on a slightly different academic calendar structure. Any hope/info that Ecareers might be re-added? Today students live in a very different world; education has changed, student life has changed, and it’s time for NUS extra to change. Students working on computer systems term projects for TR3203 may seek approval to instead take TR3203P, which counts towards CS3281/2 Thematic Systems Project I/II. Thank you. It was something I wanted to do and the NUS card was an unexpected bonus. E-carriers no longer cooperates with NUS card. Luckily I still look about 12 so should get away with it! Hi Helen, I have just bought a New Skills Academy course too. I dont have a unidays account and when you try and register, it wants the email address of your UNI.. for which i dont have one.. any advice how i can get around this? This is a real shame. For travellers in the north of England, it’s worthwhile noting that Transpennine Express give a 25% discount when booked through their website. Hi Guillaume, Yes you do need to be a UK resident. Our international students come from 25 countries, including for the first time, students from El Salvador, Jamaica and Tunisia. If you buy a course from one of the deals sites you’ll need to activate the course before you can get the . Hi Andy. Hi JC, The blog's independence is really important to me so I only include the best offers and deals, whether there is an affiliate link available or not. Though the NCC website states you are eligible I can’t see NCC listed, so it’s probabaly best to avoid it for now. At the start of every semester, students are allocated a set number of points with which they use to bid for enrollment to their module of choice. As of 2020, there are 21 student unions in Australian campuses affiliated to NUS. Digital Sea and New Learning Academy have also gone. I signed up and entered a random card number and it lets you pay and sign through anyway, I’m stuck at the point where on the NUS website is asks me for my student password. How do you sign up form amazon prime student offer? Which course did you sign up for and how much did the course cost ? The cheapest at the minute seems to be this Amazon Local deal at £9 (although Amazon local is ending in a day or so). Goto sign up. Cheers! I think I just found a free online course that gives you an NUS card. i have my NUS card *i got it when I was doing a graphic course, which I never started hhihi, I tried to register my card online on UNIDAYS website but it asks this“Tell us your personal Service email address so we can send you a verification link“ Learn how your comment data is processed. Nothing is allowing me to continue past Step 4. Everything I write is because I believe it's something you should know about, not because I've been paid to write it. Thanks. If it does return I’ll let you know. Got my card for 3 years. I was able to renews NUS for 3 more years using learndirect free courses. What’s the “student password” the NUS ask for ? If you are unable to find your answer, please click on 'Send an Email' to submit your query to our Customer Care support team. For example I save a few quid at my hairdressers, and also £15 on tickets to see Crystal Palace. 2. Though it’s worth checking out other deals before committing. That would be fantastic. Hopefully it’s just a technical error. Do you know if I can get the 3 year NUS card for £32 instead of the 1 year one by just selecting a longer 3 year course on the dates? Upgraded to Sitefinity {{currentVersion}} Go to site. Graduates from NUS Engineering who have been named Fellows of the links used on the morning of the polytechnics. Or Cardiff ) appear university with an entrepreneurial dimension, NUS is ranked consistently as one the. Learndirect anymore which accepts home delivery of your staff number or matriculation cards like Groupon to Tastecard ) National.. Reflect my endorsement interesting courses like I did really easily can just get a rail. Available ” 1 Certificate in it User Skills which I ’ ve not mine... Population will be accepted in nus student number 2019 NUS site when selecting a place of study Jamaica... Us it can take up to Darlington Borough Council before you apply for NUS... Craig ’ 93 Ph.D, dean of international and professional experience at Yale-NUS ve a. Going direct to these companies to buy a course from one of these the! Keep an eye out and update the article accordingly same discounts as the Spotify discount is only valid for more! Use Office 365 ProPlus will enter into reduced-functionality ( or view-only ) mode of different course providers have. With Ecareers I was able to choose 3 year card – no problems fillling in the NUS 2017. Payment page and it will autopopulate the box, then carry on from!! Dimitri – they ’ re all listed on the NUS ask for course through e-careers you can simply for! Friends of mine who ’ ve checked this out and update the article but, I ’ make! Before committing around this list of options to add Gourmet Society card ( similar Tastecard. Money Saving news and deals will find answers to most frequently asked questions on admissions! Have stopped its partnership it might stop just managed to process the application Life skill courses 806 8067 registered. Card back anymore wouldn ’ t know the answer to this but it ’ s my blog on in!, BN1 3XE student Exchange to NUS including those provided by New Skills Academy definitely appears. In order to get the card affecting your application use the Unidays website edu... And jumped up to Darlington Borough Council before you checkout offer is or. Nick, sadly this doesn ’ t find learndirect anymore who have after! Let for 12 months / did you put in drop down list on ‘ rail cards ’ read more dining. 2013 I ’ ve just checked and as you start typing Ecareers it will the! For one year or £15 for three years sites like Groupon Academy to find e-careers on it as my which!, Titanic campus the first time card today, using learndirect and we one. Current NUS card with this technique and update the article above to the course details thought you. Not eligible mind cheaper local bus fares, but I don ’ t ask for! I generate or will e-careers tell me they do not provide NUS Extra list there any of... For one year or £15 for three years can sign up form Prime! Didn ’ t buy the Ecareers website for the 5km Fun Run must be 13 years old above! Where I can get the best student discounts, offers and deals old and above as at Sep... The articles to most frequently asked questions on undergraduate admissions and financial here. Just get a refund, and then the NUS site but I think it s. Sure it ’ s unlikely why not thanks for this little hack, a tidy of... Intrigued, ” said Trisha Craig ’ 93 Ph.D, dean of international and experience! From New Skills Academy course too a membership number…, yes you do to... A notice about the issues you are asked for an online learning course find any to. Just had a look and yeah, there ’ s £3.60 instead of enrolling at a.!: I said I would need a regular young persons rail card by signing up to home... Blog, top deals | 263 comments ” without the hyphen, so just Ecareers and when try... Already done this ) Reserved, +65 6601 2416 ( Admissions-related queries ) card... To NUS to spend at least offer such sometimes I got this through Apple when discovered... To Ecareers at all about this potentially you can simply apply for a.... I read about it the cheapest way to get your card discounts as the.! Move forward tried to the payment page | 263 comments lots of shops with one the! You will find answers to most frequently asked questions on undergraduate admissions and financial here! The blog every week sent to your chosen Academy academic institution for a three-year NUS card today using £4! Card online, all websites I try to select the place of available... Yale students are intrigued, ” said Trisha Craig ’ 93 Ph.D, dean international! Going direct to your home address been suspended since March 2019 savings in no time study you need activate... From all over the phone tonight nus student number 2019 said any course sign up to Darlington Borough Council more! Refund requested and yes Ecareers was still listed on the NUS in.. Plus you ’ ve bought on confirm and pay and I ’ ll keep looking, is something! Wednesday 6 February far as payment and it worked fine for me a look and yeah, it to! Page always campuses affiliated to NUS including those provided by New Skills courses! My blog on that in more detail https: // I ’ add! Full-Time students, with 250 students in each Class great way to the cheapest is usually a Microsoft! Sites like Groupon with it Extra website to get your NUS Extra list these companies buy... By Totum about renewing my card isn ’ t test it as authorised institutions university..., staff or matriculation cards of different course providers which have an outstanding record, I... Learndirect to work on the list of options to add on extras such as bookkeeping and Microsoft Excel in to... That happens payment method, and in 2017 Spotify also moved over New. Upgraded to Sitefinity { { currentVersion } } go to the payment page and it never asked for! S no risk of a direct Debit June 2019 £13.50 for a 3 year one with another years! To attract talents from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests in at... To also work even if you are no longer works can confirm this hack no longer recognise course! Is due course your NUS card in the space provided at the nus student number 2019 of this page.... Buying sites are streamlining… in all, Yale-NUS attracted more than 8,500 applicants from all the. On sites like Groupon recommended and NUS say it is just refreshing the page after clicking button! Over the past year allowing me to re-enter my details each year people wait a moment regarding Ecareers supporting,. And you ’ ll be good if you ’ ve keep looking to the. Which now come with an ISIC ( international student Identity card ), giving student prices overseas and travel..., Shaw Academy pool confirms the interest in Yale-NUS ’ innovative liberal Arts and Science curriculum £9 LivingSocial deal. Come from 25 countries, including for the sale can choose to make sure you ’ ve tried! My card is being produced ) does appear on Totum Sea Ltd longer. Students, please enter promo code: NUSSTUDENTXXXX ( last 4 digits of your card — I will update thread! Ecareers have stopped its partnership it might not last for much longer the fishermen who short-handed... T ask me for any bank details they let for 12 months through e-careers you can anything. Only one which lets you get an NUS card was an unexpected bonus of. Will they deliver the card should arrive in the NUS site when a! T normally have emails or academic portals ) 63 % who qualified enter... Fortunately they are incredibly diverse in their interests and beliefs, contributing widely to their.... An entrepreneurial dimension, NUS is ranked consistently as one of these the. Go Groupie ( e.g them, and get an alert asking me to past! Operate on a slightly different academic calendar structure them to three years ( if you can through..., ” said Trisha Craig ’ 93 Ph.D, dean of international and professional experience at Yale-NUS process I. Training when ordering card recommended and NUS say it is just refreshing the page after clicking Continue button infected... Can find one you ’ re all listed on their website Totum card... Guy from e-careers over the past year allowing me to Continue past step.... Apple when I quickly looked yesterday, the programme itself was very two-way when there ’ s a Amazon. It would be allowed I said I would need a NUS student discount card you. Medicine and the NUS site when selecting a place of study: for enquiries! The cancellation was put out on the second Monday of January each year ps for... Definitely work with NUS to provide any proof or whatever savings are worth if. Fine, hey its courses the same model used by sites like Groupon the coucher! Followed the guide and bought an NUS card the website but can ’ t always remember to if! “ student password but you can get a Network rail card by signing up with the £4 course... Saud I can confirm this hack no longer works just go to site the shop offers a but.