For instance, if you put 30-40K on a car yearly, and a good deal of your commute is steady highway driving (and you keep up on maintenance) than just about any car should make it to 200K with little strain. It's out of this world. They actually worked with insurance companies to make their cars the safest on the road. Supposedly the 4 … To fight this, GM launched a new brand of cars, Saturn Motors, on January 7, 1985. If there weren't bad cars, how could the world appreciate the good ones? Because it's a gm car, it's a discontinued brand, and it is not a highly glorified brand. Sure, there have been pockets of customer-service experiments over the years, such as now defunct Saturn’s move to fixed prices. This category covers questions about Saturn Corporation, a car manufacturer and subsidiary of General Motors. That is absolutely not the case. A couple of customers say that Saturn is not actually a good car. However, a lot of people raved about the Pontiac G8. WHY SATURN IS SO IMPORTANT TO GM. Saturn cars have had a brief but eventful history. One of Saturn’s failings was that it took almost a whole decade for the division to bring out a second model line. Saturn Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Car Program Drivers Drivers who are shopping around for a used Saturn vehicle may want to check out cars under their certified pre-owned program. So Saturn's publicists held the drive-off ceremony in private to avoid tainting their spanking-new brand with the bumbling image of their boss. BDB I’ll tell you why. Saturn's fate is sealed. Another common issue is simply an automatic transmission that shifts noisily or seems to labor. Though the dealers stayed loyal to Saturn's original concept of treating the customer like they'd never been treated at a car dealer, since 2000, new product barely trickled into the stores (this is how a carmaker can punish dealers or an entire division) and not-so-slowly Saturn … It had a very… Many … If you intend to keep the car forever, then it makes more sense to consider buying. Hi KatBlack, The Saturn Outlook is an excellent choice! You'll pay more for a Toyota or a Honda but they both last forever without problems. The main reason for this is that it was basically a Saturn-badged version of the European-market Opel Astra, and it handled like the European car … The company marketed itself as a "different kind of car … Good luck with car … In addition to a drop in residual values, Saturns will become harder to maintain and repair. Based on … You can contact your local GM Dealership to locate Certified Saturn parts and service when needed. So I’m not painting a very flattering picture of the Saturn Astra here, but it’s worth noting that it’s actually a pretty cool little hatchback. Saturn models that feature an automatic transmission sometimes slip between gears. The brand will die alongside Pontiac and seems to have a plot next to Oldsmobile lined up. And high-end dealerships can make car buying feel like a … TRENDING CARS. Saturns are decent cars but the vue that you are looking at has a honda v6 3.5 and the automatic transmission problems that come with honda v6s of that era. Here are their reviews: “In the United States, Saturn is in the third rank of the best-selling car models in 1994. The Delorean is remembered fondly today because of Back to the Future, but it’s easy to forget that its poor design—it was notoriously heavy and had a weak engine—left its creatorbroken and bankrupt. There’s no shortage of awful vehicles. A buyer cross-shopping a Corolla wouldn’t have much interest in a 900-horsepower drop-top, which explains why there were so few takers when Mallett Performance Cars … ... ''The product, the Saturn car, is the least important aspect of the Saturn program,'' said Phil Fricke, analyst with Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New … 4 out of 5 stars. The Ford Edsel, which debuted in 1955, was famously ugly. Edmunds also has Used Saturn S-Series pricing, MPG, specs, pictures, safety features, consumer reviews and more. Too bad design, engineering and manufacturing will be overseas. There was the Aura sedan, the Astra compact hatchback, the Relay minivan, the Outlook and Vue SUVs, and even the Sky roadster making Saturn … So, a used G8 might be a good value, but apart from that (and perhaps the Vibe), Pontiac didn't produce a car … Obviously, one of the reasons the brand was discontinued is, they just weren't very good cars, to begin with. My uncle has a '96 or so Saturn … Saturn vehicles are also known for a series of transmission problems, many of which are costly to repair. News GM's ignition switch death toll stands at 124 by Staff | July 13. The name was taken from the Saturn rocket, the one that carried the astronauts to the moon in the 60s. Saturn failed for a few reasons - namely mediocre product and a failed plan for expansion of the brand that led to too much competition with the other brands of the parent company. This position went up to the second after Lexus in 2000. Saturn started out as mostly an economy car brand with sedans and some sporty coupes in the mix and by the end of its run, it was actually a full line with more variety than you might think. The original S-series Saturn cars were meant to compete with foreign small car makers by offering unique, reliable small cars. Saturn parts are still readily available for Saturn owners. It's amazing so much ugly could live in a car this small. Please let me know if you need any specific information regarding Saturn. Bad Lock Cylinder The tumblers in a Saturn lock cylinder can wear out prematurely, … The 2003 Saturn L300 was an awful release from this brand, as it did not have a single positive quality. --Because of an enthusiastic market response to their "different kind of car," Saturn retailers were chronically short of vehicles for the first five years of production. Saturn was aimed at taking on imports and getting conquest sales. Other Saturn vehicles … Never did … Find out how the Saturn car company works from early production up to the current Saturn … Saturn was the best. It didn’t help that the L-series sedan and wagon were so uninteresting. READ ALL ABOUT Saturn 1 - 10 of 52 stories. I'd pass on this car. Read about the most significant moments in Saturn's history from 1982-2009, … One of Saturn’s assets was that it was a small car designed and built in the USA to compete with the world’s best. Research the Used 2002 Saturn S-Series with our expert reviews and ratings. when the current 4 GM core brands count for 141,000 vehicle sales out of 156,000 for september its pretty easy to figure out. by ionRL_585 from Rochester, NY on Fri Jul 02 2010 Well it's been 2 years since I've owned my 2004 Saturn Ion. Supporting Hummer,Saturn,Saab and Pontiac for 15,000 cars … Saturn. All production of Saturn-brand vehicles were halted on October 1, 2009. When I was car shopping the first thing that I did was called insurance companies to see which manufactured car has the best rates. Although GM will honor all Saturn warranty claims, you will need to take the car to other GM dealers which don't necessarily specialize in Saturn … My dads pastor was in a really bad accident, in a Saturn… However, Saturn … Don Reisinger told you what the greatest console of all time was last week and now he wants to tell you why the Sega Saturn was the worst. The Gremlin, a car produced by American Motors Corporation, a company that went belly up in the Reagan era, looked like it was d… The Hummer car is a civilian model of a popular military vehicle, called the Humvee, that is primarily used by the U.S. military and gained widespread usage during the Gulf War in 1991. Why the Saturn was the worst major console of all time. 27. Born in 1982 as Project Saturn, it was an all-out effort to stem the growing Japanese dominance of the U.S. small-car market. Saturn cars can suffer from ignition problems that you can potentially resolve with some time and detective work. The Saturn Corporation, also known as Saturn LLC, was an American automobile manufacturer, a registered trademark established on January 7, 1985, as a subsidiary of General Motors.