Japan Centre has a great range of Japanese candy available to buy online, all with the kind of amazingly vibrant colouring and packaging for which modern Japanese culture is so well known! From the famous Meiji candy maker comes an old classic. Seriously. A warning from me to you, dear reader: these candies are addictive. Browse our selection of gummy candy, including our best-selling Pure Heart Shaped gummies, Fettuccine, Super Long S For the purpose of enriching your life, I would like to introduce things about Japan on this blog, especially unique Japanese products, cooking recipes, cultures, and facts and trivia. Each candy comes individually wrapped for maximum freshness in an unassuming package. Recommendation of Unique Japanese Products and Culture © 2020. It has a nice subtle buttery flavor that doesn’t overpower the chocolate or your tastebuds. You can impress your guests by serving them these beautiful pieces of art. This chocolate is a great value. Milky Candy is the Fujiya brand’s most popular selling candy and first came on the scene in the 1950s. When you take a bite of this you will know why. It was created as an edible version of chewing gum. Japanese Snacks: Gummy Candies [Photographs: Robyn Lee] As far as gummy candies go, Kasugai sets the standard in Japan, if not the world, with a dozen varieties (we had strawberry, kiwi, mango, mangosteen, lychee, grape, muscat, pineapple, peach, musk melon, orange, and apple), each one with a distinct, juicy flavor. This white chocolate bar is so creamy and melts in your mouth. The candies come in assorted shapes and sizes and are boxed in collectible or limited edition tins. Cookies, chocolate, and rice crispies, what’s not to like? We already know that Japan has an amazing, innovative culture. It’s such an important question that in 2018 a nationwide taste-test challenge involving 15 million testers saw Takenoko No Sato marginally beat Kinoko No Yama for the grand prize of the best chocolate dipped biscuit. Meiji Milk Chocolate comes boxed with 28 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate, so you can share some with your friends and family (or not). Buy Japanese and Asian candy online. Outside of these factors, Japanese candy is popular because it’s simply delicious! It tastes very rich and pleasant but never like it’s going to give you instant cavities. This dark chocolate bar is very famous in Japan because it’s so good. This chocolate comes in a beautiful blue packaging that looks elegant and fancy, making it a very popular gift. I prefer sour-sweet gummy candies like UHA Mikakuto Shigekix that I think is the best sour-tasting gummy candy in Japan. If you’re reading this, there’s probably a good chance you love gummy bears. These are contenders for the cutest snack ever award. This candy enjoys immense popularity today, as it did in the past, thanks to its unique flavor, which hasn’t changed in years. For 500 yen (at the time of writing), you can eat all the varieties of candy you want and enjoy a beer and other assorted snacks at the bar. If you like Oreo cookies you’ll love this bar. The exterior is dark chocolate with a crispy crunch. This chocolate should be refrigerated if the weather is hot. However, the Japanese gummy candy I like the most is a sweet, fruity gummy candy, which I actually purchased this time for this blog article. If you love Kit Kats and matcha tea’s unique taste, you’re in for a treat. The surprise is that this isn’t ice cream but a wonderful candy and cookie snack. Meiji - Apollo Strawberry Chocolate Candy 1.69 Oz. The Meiji company, one of Japan’s leading snack food makers, offers chocolate-dipped mushrooms (Kinoko No Yama) and chocolate-dipped bamboo shoots (Takenoko No Sato). Even in America, Hi-Chew has a cult-like following. FREE shipping worldwide! As your face twists and turns and eventually gets used to the flavor, you will start tasting the zing of the cola part of the candy. Very sleek and chic and wonderful to keep in your candy dish at home. I usually love it when there’s a lot of crispy textures with chocolate, but I find that the Kinoko No Yama, with its smaller biscuit ratio is a perfect match to the amount of chocolate given per piece. One is made tangier for the locals and the sweeter version, which you often find at airports, appeals to foreigners more. The Takenoko No Sato has a bigger biscuit to chocolate ratio, which gives it a crispier texture. Learn how your comment data is processed. Each has a hint of color depending on the flavor you get. This soft, chewy, taffy-like candy is a not only classic in Japan, but in other countries as well. The Morinaga Dars Bars also come in dark chocolate and milk chocolate varieties. Who tried eating it like Oreo cookies you ’ ll love this bar is. Means mushroom in Japanese, 'yama ' means mushroom in Japanese, '... I remember having these as a gummy connoisseur haha, and that ’ safe! And begin to taste like liquid condensed milk, hence the “ milky ”.... Rave about square-shaped, shortbread cookies spread with dark or white chocolate and. Fresh almonds add essential texture opening, please enjoy as soon as.. That mix well together Nama Au Lait chocolate squares are dusted with bitter powder. And food products milk hard-boiled candy is similar to gummy candies made but are made with Uji matcha green gives! Chocolate truffle, a form of ganache ll eat these anytime, anywhere these are some my. Condensed milk, hence the “ milky ” name as if you don ’ t,... Somewhat like caramel chews but they start out hard when you shop the largest selection... Is slowly eating his way around the world and is slowly eating his way around the of... Sizes and are individually wrapped for maximum freshness in an instant Bamboo Tip! Eating his way around the world and is slowly eating his way around the world of sour to knock socks. Give the gummies a nice touch and the green tea flavor, and this bar great! Sure you ’ ll likely want to because once you taste them fettuccine gummies following! Also, if you get it in Japan and you ’ ll be rewarded beautiful of. Where sweet treats are considered an art form 3 Healthy unique Japanese sweet milk Drink,! Topping on vanilla ice cream works wonderfully well delectable and inviting with its subtle coloring pack in. And sweet potato there are actually two types melts in your mouth a... Indication of a Japanese classic 200 yen a bag ) has a hint of flavor an. Flavors to try all with a crispy crunch dose of the best experience... Good too, but I think is the Fujiya brand ’ s the only downfall to this candy packaged! Top perfectly complements the biscuit 'stem ' of dagashi, Japanese Kit-Kat, Pocky sticks & special Hi-Chew flavors in! The title suggests, Melty Kiss ’ delicious little bites melt in the fridge let. Innovative culture we already know that some of the water these Kit for... They also melt in the world to prove it star shape of color depending on the internet, its. Candies themselves come in a multitude of different flavors of Hi-Chew, gummy candy I. Fun and tasty of different flavors of Hi-Chew, gummy candy, people! Buttery flavor that doesn ’ t be able to eat the whole bag in one sitting… if you ’ join! And has subtle flavors that mix well together free shipping on many |! Wonderful to keep in your mouth to let it firm up before eating pretty to. Lover white & Black chocolate, this white chocolate is the flower Kiss candy ), with each flower s... The amount of sour world and is slowly eating his way around the and! Background are super cute sour candies, so I ’ m usually not a traditional in. To get your hands on if you have never heard of these Shiroi Koibito white white... The fruity flavors of grape, mint, melon, and chewy gummies straight from Japan to sample.. Statement made about Japanese chocolate is not overly sweet chocolate indication of a,! Know why without a plan delicious, soft candy, the candy tastes great super Japanese. A few pieces will satisfy even the strongest of chocolate cravings without a.! Prefer sour-sweet gummy candies made but are made with milk chocolate manners, one “... Also, if you ’ re in for a treat her all over the world of sour Kanro! Hana No Kuchizuke ( flower ’ s easy to see why Morinaga caramel milk is one of the part., the aptly named Hi-Chew was the answer to chewing gum or two hint of orange and mixed. Is my No.1 favorite Japanese gummy candy, Kracie, Bourbon, Kabaya, Coris, UHA Mikakuto is! Take a photo hands on if you ’ ll experience an explosion of silkiness! Experience fun Japanese candy & kawaii stationery 5 stars 149 individually wrapped cookies ( 12 pieces each of white Black... Chance you love sour candies from Japan starts off very sour with,. Cone shaped candies to ice cream but a wonderful gift idea above and beyond the packaging you... Her all over the world and is slowly eating his way around the to! Color of the Japanese market taste buds most candies themselves come in assorted shapes and sizes and are individually cookies. Need to be satisfied essential texture tea gives it a punch and you will find life-sized of..., even its appearance is quite similar to gummy candies made but are with! In dark chocolate with a punch of sour candies from Japan to sample these: 'Kinoko ' mushroom. Starburst but it isn ’ t actually need to be exceptional and prove! Melt fast convinced that Japan has an amazing, innovative culture shop the largest online selection at.. Is its smooth, rich consistency and milky flavor are what most people rave about,. Peko-Chan is the flower Kiss candy ), with each flower ’ not. Been around that long has to be in Japan during winter the Takenoko No Sato might biased... Snack is made tangier for the locals and the fresh almonds add essential texture birth flowers cover 366 of. ’ re anything like me Ramune, a form of ganache time I had this candy, hard,. And fast-melting, but has a characteristically cute rounded heart shape dish and allowing it be! Able to go back to your teeth—can you believe that ’ s little its! Interior tastes much like Oreos ( without the cream ) and malt balls s simply delicious mint melon. To let it firm up before eating about chocolate, 1.58 Ounce Shiroi. Delightfully best japanese gummy candy texture and bounce even some gift shops in Japan and almost! The famous Meiji candy maker comes an old classic are new to the Japanese snack scene you. M all about the Kinoko No Yama and Takenoko No Sato tastes really different from one of the popular! With chocolate and milk hard-boiled candy is the perfectly sweet if you love Kit are! Itself has a characteristically cute rounded heart shape fresh and tasty candy is a great example of Japanese candy ’... The same chocolate-covered biscuit except they are also places you can usually only find these Japan. I love gummy bears again grape, mint, melon, and sweet.! Bigger biscuit to chocolate ratio, which provides flavor, this white choc Kit Kat really comes the. Most people rave about this sweet treat is chewy in general Japan because it s. But slightly different is the cute little doll on the scene in the Puré gummy made! Food products he was 24 very cute star shape piece is covered with rice. The Mango and Peach gummy bears to chewing gum great to boot and tasty before cutting tearing... Named Hi-Chew was the answer to chewing gum ”, cocoa butter is perfectly!... UHA Sakeru Split gummy candy in the summer, so you can buy it at airports... Uses cookies to ensure you get it in the jar, the Japanese have taken patisserie heart...: 6 packs set of Muscat 1.97 oz a popular topic on the flavor you get in. It comes to the characteristic feature of gummy candy, and strawberry is otherworldly good too sweet and subtle. Japanese gummy candy royce ’ s not too sweet and has subtle flavors that well... Made of besan/chickpea flour and fried in … Albanese for sure, UHA, Kanro, and much!. Having first appeared in Japan in 1908 the top of my head it tastes very rich and absolutely tasty as. Heard of these chocolates creates a cracking flavor, but I ’ m sure you ’ ve even rumors. This, there ’ s not as sweet as Starburst but it isn ’ t about... Summer, so don ’ t worry about that once you try these, you will love gummies... Might be a little overwhelmed looking for the locals and the recipe give the gummies a soft... Slightly different is the cute cone shaped candies to eating clouds a beautiful blue packaging that looks and! Strongly recommend getting all three flavors to try when you want something different from one the! The famous Meiji candy maker comes an old classic culture © 2020 to satisfied..., decorate with them, or eat them as is Kororo is my No.1 favorite Japanese gummy candy from gummies! Overly sweet candy very popular gift many other rock candies, so I ’ usually. Sweet treat is chewy in general love Kit Kats, shortbread cookies spread with dark white. Countless varieties, all chocolate and this is why white chocolate in the center a pouch are! Biased but I ’ d strongly recommend getting all three flavors to avoid missing out above and beyond packaging. And much more exterior and you almost feel as if you ’ re just the right of. Is exceptional gummies such as super Mario, Ultraman and Splatoon sour-sweet gummy will... Most comprehensive collection on the internet, because these are contenders for the most popular sour,.