To Every Trucker We Say;
“Thank You For What You Do”!!

Who We Are:

At Legacy Phone Services (DBA 800-TRUCK-HELP), we’re passionate about making life easier for truck drivers who do their part to keep the USA and Canada in business by delivering products across this great land. Without them we’d surely be in big trouble!

We realize truck driving men and women may be the most unappreciated group of workers in the country, they spend their lives driving and yes… living out of a truck in order to deliver the goods we buy every day. The great service they provide is one we take for granted, one that enables us to have a life style we would not have without their diligent work and service.

To help make their life less stressful we’re taking on many challenges on their behalf. First we’re building a telephone network of semi-truck service providers so truckers can instantly get the help they need simply by calling 800-TRUCK-HELP. “I think we owe it to every truck driver on the road to build them a network of highly qualified service providers so they can quickly get the help they need at an affordable price”, says Larry Peterson of Legacy Phone Services.

There are a multitude of programs and things we can work on to benefit truckers. Example; we’re working to find major motel and restaurant chains who will agree to provide every truckers a significant discount for a room or meal while they are stuck waiting for their truck to be repaired. The ones who agree to do this will be listed on the 800truckhelp.com website without charge. And we’ll be working on other ways to save truckers money and make life easier for them. Please send us your ideas of how to “help the trucker” to larry@800truckhelp.com

Today, 800-TRUCK-HELP is positioned to bring together thousands of honest and highly qualified businesses across the country to provide the services truckers need to keep them moving throughout our communities.

Mr. Peterson said; it’s only right for us to promise these men and women the best businesses we can find for them to deal with! If they have a problem with a Service Provider in the 800-TRUCK-HELP network we’ll be available at 800truckhelp.com to make sure their issue gets resolved quickly and honestly.

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