The need for 800-TRUCK-HELP Service Providers

There are 3.9 million truckers on the road at any given time, creating two key issues that must be resolved, one for truckers and one for the businesses who serve truckers, the 800-TRUCK-HELP Network solves both issues. (1) Truckers travel back and forth across the USA and Canada in unfamiliar territory and often don't know who to call or who they can trust for their truck help or personal matters. (2) Thousands of independent trucking businesses constantly focus on getting (out of area) truckers who are just passing through, to visit their business. 800-TRUCK-HELP is a powerful tool that gives truckers the ability to easily call for any help they need. 800-TRUCK-HELP affiliated businesses can maximize their potential to attract (out of area) truckers by receiving 800-TRUCK-HELP calls, increasing their customer base by making it easy for truckers who don't know them, to find them.

800-TRUCK-HELP is easy to use for truckers

No operator is involved; truckers calling simply choose the service they need from the menu and their call is instantly connected to the closest business to their location, regardless of where they are. When in LA they get a business in LA. If driving to NY and call along the way, they get a business in the area they are calling from. Truckers who prefer can use the truck help App, or website at, using their mobile device to locate the service they need. Truckers say they Love this (free) service that helps keep them on the road!

800-TRUCK-HELP is easy for the business

Calls are routed directly to the business's existing phone number. Business owners may log in to Call Reporting at to view details of all incoming calls to their business, including call back number, caller name and address, dates, times, and length of call. Businesses pay a small fixed monthly phone bill to have 800-TRUCK-HELP ring to their office. Billing is seamless, debited monthly from the credit or debit card on file.

Businesses (Service Providers) harness the power of mass marketing at minimal cost

800-TRUCK-HELP is a unique program that connects truckers directly to the closest truck help Service Provider business who has the 800-TRUCK-HELP phone number [exclusively] within the market area, the caller is calling from. 800-TRUCK-HELP reinvests a portion of the phone bill fees to promote the 800-TRUCK-HELP brand, through Radio, TV, social media, educational programs, highway billboards, racing sponsorships and more, exponentially increasing the awareness and value of the 800-TRUCK-HELP brand. Every affiliated business increases the marketing power of all the 800-TRUCK-HELP businesses.

Businesses increase their call volume and their bottom line, while helping truckers

A recognizable phone number attracts customers' attention and retention. Advertisers using descriptive phone numbers have a response rate 10 times higher than advertisers using numeric phone numbers. Businesses like 800-FLOWERS and 800-HURT-NOW have created extremely profitable businesses centered on descriptive telephone numbers, and are excellent examples of utilizing a shared network. Targeted Marketing Magazine reported that, Ohio-based lawyer Rob Nestico of Kisling, Nestico & Redick grew his firm from 5 to 10 cases per month to 150 to 200 cases per month using the vanity number 800-HURT-NOW in his marketing strategy." Trucking businesses can use 800-TRUCK-HELP to increase their calls and improve their bottom line.

800-TRUCK-HELP categories include

1. Towing / Roadside Service
2. Repairs
3. Parts
4. Tires
5. Mobile Mechanic
6. Oil Change
7. Truck Wash
8. Insurance

Personal services for drivers will be added: (haircuts - Medical Services - Housing - Restaurants, etc.)

The 8-Prompt menu for 800-TRUCK-HELP

The menu below is designed so callers can be connected in less than 6 seconds. It is created in 4 main prompts that lead into 2 options each (Main menu items are in red, sub-menu items are in blue). After a selection is made the caller selects a sub-menu and is instantly connected to the business selected.

Thank you for calling 800-truck-help, brought to you by (sponsor to be named) --- for their nearest location press your star key now --- For truck help please select from the menu;

1. For Towing or Repairs Press 1
(after selection, sub-menu)     For Towing Press 1 - For Repairs Press 2

"For A Mobile Mechanic or Truck Wash Press 2"
(after selection, sub-menu)     Mobile Mechanic Press 1 - Truck Wash Press 2

"For Tires or Oil Change Press 3"
(after selection, sub-menu)     For Tires Press 1 - For oil Change Press 2

"For Parts or Insurance Press 4"
(after selection, sub-menu)     For Parts Press 1 - For Insurance Press 2

To hear these options again press the star key.

Businesses targeted for Service Provider positions

Initially we will be targeting businesses with multiple locations to quickly fill urgently needed or emergency type services such as towing, mobile mechanics, repair services, tires and then less vital categories. Our second offering will be to regional providers, followed by direct sales of independent Service Providers nationwide.

Business' market areas

Businesses may serve multiple categories and locations, however once a territory has been assigned it then belongs exclusively to that business if they remain in good standing and current with their monthly phone bill.

Marketing/Advertising to truck drivers

Truckers spend millions of dollars on their trucks, maintenance and repairs each year. Yet overwhelmingly feel disconnected from the Service Provides serving them. This gap in the marketplace allows 800-TRUCK-HELP the opportunity to create a "trucker friendly" brand by providing Quality Service Providers truckers can trust and rely on. Our marketing will include many attractive things for truckers, such as monthly drawings for a 500-gallon fuel card and other prizes. Truckers who call 800-TRUCK-HELP will be automatically entered in that months drawing.

Quality assurance to protect truckers

All 800-TRUCK-HELP affiliated businesses must be verified to be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and offer their customers a warranty on repairs, parts and any other services they provide. If we receive three non-satisfied complaints in a six-month period, we reserve the right to remove and replace that business.

Goals of 800-TRUCK-HELP

At 800-TRUCK-HELP our goal is to become an omnipresent brand leader in the trucking industry. To that end we will offer Service Providers the opportunities of co-branding, co-web marketing, including our extensive social media marketing programs and more as they become available.

Becoming A 800-TRUCK-HELP Service Provider

If you are a high quality semi-truck Service Provider who prides yourself in quality work and fair pricing you can apply to be a 800-TRUCK-HELP Service Provider by emailing us your company name, type of service and contact information to One of our representatives will then contact you.

For more information, contact

Larry Peterson, President/CEO
800-TRUCK-HELP, Inc. email
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