800-TRUCK-HELP Offers Truckers a Simple Resource to Keep Them on the Road

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800-TRUCK-HELP Offers Truckers a Simple Resource to Keep Them on the Road,

Legacy Phone Services, which was established in 1995, is providing truckers with the assistance they need to keep their trucks rolling and the American economy on the road to recovery.

800-TRUCK-HELP is a service that uses the GPS function on a driver’s phone to find their exact location when they call for help. The call is then connected to a local Service Provider that can get their truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

Since most truckers get paid by the mile, breaking down on the road can be very expensive. The Truckers Report (www.thetruckersreport.com) says it all, “While that trucker is sitting in dock, traffic, and shops they get paid typically NOTHING.” (accessed Jan. 20, 2013) The situation is exactly the same for fleet owners who own the trucks and need to keep them on the road to keep from losing a lot of money.

How 800-TRUCK-HELP works: A trucker breaks down on the road and calls 800-TRUCK-HELP, the service uses GPS tracking to locate the truck; 800-TRUCK-HELP then finds a local company qualified and available to fix the truck as quickly as possible. The sooner the truck is back on the road the sooner the trucker and/or the fleet owner are making money.

Service Providers, such as tow companies, repair shops, mobile mechanics and other types of business who service semi-trucks are prequalified. They offer the right services at the right price. No more calling around in a strange town. No more hoping that the person you called actually knows what they are doing. No more balancing papers to write down phone numbers. 800-TRUCK-HELP will not only instantly connect the caller, but they will follow up with the Service Provider to make sure that everything is done on-time and done correctly.

Broke down trucks with freight stuck on the side of the road, costs the US economy billions every year. 800-TRUCK-HELP is a simple, affordable solution to a problem that is too expensive to ignore, and best of all… truckers pay zero for using this outstanding service which is there to serve them.

If you would like more information, or want to schedule an interview with Larry Peterson, call 800-TRUCK-HELP or email larry@800TruckHelp.com.

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